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What Is Account Reconciliation

An overwhelming majority of businesses today use accounting software to record their transactions and help regulate differences between their books and supporting financial statements. This type of account reconciliation refers to the process by which a company compares its bank account balance as reported in its books to bank statements from its financial institution. Companies

Monthly Bookkeeping Checklist for Businesses

Content Monthly Bookkeeping Checklist for Businesses Sample Bookkeeping Documents Checklist jumpstart your growth with 32 free accounting workflow templates Keep Your Business’s Books in Shipshape With a Month-end Closing Procedure and Checklist Daily Bookkeeping This can also tell you what’s not working which is equally important. Alternatively, something might not be selling like you thought

Contra Account

Content Company What is a Contra Account? Is a Contra Balances Negative or Positive? What are the different types of contra accounts? What Is a Contra Account & Why Is It Important? If you’re using accounting software, you’ll be able to create contra accounts when setting up your chart of accounts. For example, when depreciating

Check your federal or state tax refund status

If you enter information that doesn’t match our system, you’ll receive an error message. After four attempts, you won’t be able to access your status for 24 hours. To resolve your issue, review the Social Security number and refund amount you entered to confirm they’re correct. Our representatives cannot provide your requested refund amount, even

Auditor’s Report

Content How to conduct your ISO 27001 Management Review » Purpose of this protocol What is the dictionary definition of Auditor’s Report? Why data sharing audits are important Auditor’s Report The report produced by a firm of Chartered Accountants which is part of a company’s Annual Report and Accounts. At the conclusion of a clinical

Virtual Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Content services we offer Your Business Deserves Modern Accounting and Bookkeeping Processes too! Accounting Services What does a bookkeeper do? Oil and Gas Industry: Overview, Financial Ratios and Future We build analysis reports on projected and actual performance along with dynamic dashboards. That way, as a business owner, you can always keep track of the